The following words have the following meanings:

“Inbox Workspace” means Inbox Workspace Pty Ltd ACN 606 632 544.

“Member” means the party named on the application for membership form.

“Membership Fee” means the fees nominated on the application for membership form which are to be paid by the Member to Inbox Workspace for membership and include establishment and other fees.

“Premises” means Level 2, 14 Aerodrome Rd Maroochydore.


(a) The Member agrees to the terms and conditions contained in this document upon the Member signing the application for membership or upon paying for membership (whichever occurs earlier).

(b) In consideration of the Member paying the Membership Fee, Inbox Workspace grants the Member a licence to use the Premises for the term of the Member’s membership.

(c) These terms and conditions do not create any relationship of landlord/tenant, agent/principal, trustee/beneficiary, joint venture, or partnership. The Member will at no time be granted any legal or equitable interest or right in the Premises.

(d) The Member will have non-exclusive use of the Premises subject to these terms and conditions until such time as the Member or Inbox Workspace terminate this agreement in accordance with the conditions herein.

(e) Any guest/invitee of the Member that enters the Premises agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions to the extent they are applicable. The Member must make their guests/invitees aware of these terms and conditions prior to them entering the Premises.

(f) The Member must take responsibility for the conduct and behaviour of the Member’s guests.


(a) The Member must pay the Membership Fee on the due date and in the manner stipulated by Inbox Workspace. Unless otherwise stated by Inbox Workspace, the due date for payment will be the first day of each calendar month, or if the first day is a weekend or public holiday, the first business day of each month. Payments must be made monthly in advance.

(b) The Member authorises Inbox Workspace to debit the nominated bank account or credit card as stipulated on the application for membership form. The Member warrants that it has the legal right to give such an authority.

(c) The Member must pay to Inbox Workspace any expenses incurred by Inbox Workspace due to the Member’s failure to pay any amounts owed to Inbox Workspace when due. Members must pay interest at the rate of 5% per month on overdue amounts from the due date up to and including the actual date payment is received in full.

(d) Inbox Workspace reserves the right to amend the Membership Fee provided it gives the Member at least one month notice of such changes.


(a) The Premises will be securely locked at all times, however Members will be entitled to access the Premises at any time (24 hours a day) provided the Membership Fee is paid for the relevant period.

(b) Upon payment of the Membership Fee the Member will be issued with a security card to gain access to the Premises. The Member must not give their security card to any other person or member to use. The Member agrees to reimburse Inbox Workspace for the costs incurred in connection with any lost or stolen security cards issued to the Member.

(c) The Member may only use the Premises for office accommodation. The Member must not use the Premises for medical consultations, overnight accommodation, social gatherings/parties, retail sales of goods, a permanent office or for any other purpose which Inbox Workspace (acting reasonably) considers to be inappropriate or inconsistent with normal office usage.

(d) Inbox Workspace reserves the right to make rules regarding the Member’s use of the Premises. Provided Inbox Workspace notifies the Member of any rules or changes to rules, such rules will form part of these terms and conditions and the Member agrees to be bound by them.

(e) The Member must use any bins provided for the disposal of rubbish and agrees to take all other personal belongings and property away from the Premises when leaving.

(f) The Member must not conduct or undertake any activity which may be illegal in the Premises.

(g) The Member must not do anything which may annoy, disturb or offend any other person in the Premises. The Member must not interfere with any other Member’s right to use the Premises and must not cause any damage to property or equipment in the Premises (whether or not such property is owned by Inbox Workspace).

(h) If Inbox Workspace is of the view that the Member has breached terms 3(f) or 3(g) of these conditions, Inbox Workspace may immediately terminate the Member’s membership and evict the Member and any associates of the Member from the Premises. If the Member’s membership is terminated under this clause, any Membership Fee paid in advance will be forfeited by the Member.

(i) Provided the Member’s Membership Fee is paid up to date, the Member will be entitled to

use free car parking located under the building in which the Premises is located. The Member may use one unreserved car space (subject to availability) which must only be used for the purposes of parking one vehicle when the Member accesses the Premises.

(j) Inbox Workspace reserves the right to cancel the Member’s use of the car park if Inbox Workspace forms the view that the Member is not complying with these terms and conditions.


(a) Inbox Workspace provides office furniture within the Premises as well as appropriate private spaces which may be booked in advance.

(b) Inbox Workspace will make services available to the Member within the Premises including (but not necessarily limited to) private/meeting rooms, wifi internet, printing facilities, kitchen facilities, shower and locker.

(c) Inbox Workspace does not guarantee internet speeds or connectivity. The Member is responsible for the Member’s own internet security and usage. Inbox Workspace recommends the Member take appropriate security measures to protect data and equipment.

(d) The Member must not use the Inbox Workspace internet connection to access illegal content or undertake illegal activities.

(e) Private/meeting/board rooms are available in the Premises for the Member to use. The Member may book any of these rooms in advance by contacting Inbox Workspace. If rooms are not booked, they are available to all members on a first in first served basis.

(f) Services are offered to Members by Inbox Workspace on the condition that the services are used reasonably, taking into account the Member’s level of membership and patronage of the Premises. If Inbox Workspace forms the reasonable opinion that services are being abused, misused or overused by the Member, Inbox Workspace may issue a notice to the Member to desist using the services or provide guidance as to what it considers to be reasonable use. IExcahange may terminate the Member’s membership if more than one notice is given under this condition.


(a) Inbox Workspace does not have insurance to cover the Member’s personal belongings. Inbox Workspace highly recommends that the Member obtains their own insurance policy covering for public liability and contents.

(b) Inbox Workspace takes no responsibility for loss or damage to the Member’s property, including vehicles parked under the building, under any circumstances.

(c) The Member and any guests of the Member use the Premises and IExcahange’s services at their own risk.

(d) To the extent permitted by law, Inbox Workspace will not be liable for any claim, loss, injury or damage to any person or property resulting from the use of the Premises or services in the Premises, including any claim for consequential loss.

(e) The Member indemnifies Inbox Workspace against any claim or liability arising out of the Member’s use of the Premises or services in the Premises.

(f) Inbox Workspace will not be held liable for anything outside of its control including, but not limited to the behaviour of other members or guests, failure of office equipment or furniture, and loss of power or internet connection.

(g) The Member agrees that any employee or contractor of Inbox Workspace at the Premises is not permitted to make any representation on behalf of Inbox Workspace.


(a) Either the Member or Inbox Workspace may terminate the Member’s membership by giving one month written notice to the other party.

(b) If the Member’s membership is terminated or comes to an end, the Member must return every security access card issued to the Member back to Inbox Workspace immediately.   The Member agrees to reimburse Inbox Workspace for any costs associated with security cards which have been lost or not returned.

(c) The Member must pay all Membership Fees (prorata) up to the date the membership ends.


(a) These terms and conditions override all other conditions, unless agreed to in writing by Inbox Workspace.

(b) Inbox Workspace may at its discretion, vary any the terms contained in this document by giving written notice to the Member.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Queensland and the Member agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland.


(a) Inbox Workspace may collect the Member’s personal information for the operation of IExcahange’s business, including to collect statistics, for marketing promotions and to recoup any monies owed by the Member.

(b) Inbox Workspace will only disclose the Member’s personal information to any person it is required to by law, or to any contractor engaged by Inbox Workspace to collect monies from the Member under this agreement.

(c) Inbox Workspace will use its best endeavours to keep the Member’s personal information secure.

(d) The Member acknowledges that there are CCTV cameras recording footage in the Premises and car park. CCTV monitors activity in these areas for safety and security.

(e) Inbox Workspace may provide recorded footage from CCTV equipment to any authority to assist with any enquiry made by that authority.


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